Monday, October 24, 2011


Initially, I thought that Meadow was going to be a really close dupe to Essie's Your Hut or Mine?, but as it turns out, I like this one better.  I think that this is what I wished YHOM? was.  This is a more pale, true pink with gold shimmer while YHOM? is a tad more coral-y and a bit brighter.  I love you, Meadow, I really do!  Application was alright.  The formula is a tad thick and gloopy, so I had to thin it.  Very opaque, though, almost a one-coater :)

Prettyyyy.  I think I need to thin it more the next time I wear it, though.  I've only seen Meadow around the blogosphere a couple of times...I don't think she gets the credit she deserves!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This was one of my first Zoya's I got back in January with the 3 free promo. Its a pretty color.

  2. its beautiful going straight to my wish list! btw i nominated you for an award!


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