Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orly-Paris Promedade

YOU GUYSSSS.  I am so sorry I've been completely MIA for the last week.  Ugh, I feel gross about myself.  But I was up to my eyeballs with stuff to do.  Thursday was my birthday/I had an exam/I had to work, and it just went from there.  I had family visiting and couldn't do my nails or blog :(  But I'm back!!  And today I have Orly's Paris Promenade on guest fingers!!  My mom, Betty, was kind enough to loan me her nails :)  She wanted a bloody color for her halloween costume, and this is what she picked off of my wheels:

Paris Promendade is a medium to dark red creme that is slightly on the sheer side.  Application was pretty good, as with all of my old Orly's, but you can see some slight pulling on her middle finger in the second photo.  Overall, I liked how it turned out on her against her skin tone (more olive than my own).

Thanks for sticking with me, ladies!


  1. Pretty color and I like your mom's nails!

  2. Hey I just joined ur blog..I love what you are doing here even you dont grow nails longer.I am newbie in blogging .will certainly learn a lot from you


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