Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Coral is my second favorite of all of my ELF polishes.  It's a gorgeous coral base with beautiful gold shimmer running throughout.  When I first got this one, the brush was really jacked up.  I've never had problems with the ELF brushes before, so this one was just a dud.  I had to remove all the polish from the brush and re-shape it carefully with scissors for it to apply polish properly.  Anyway, it was worth it for me because the formula is good and the color is gorgeous!  This one dries to a satin-ish finish so topcoat is a must for me.  Especially since it brings out the shimmer so awesomely!

Puuurrrty.  I really dig it.

Don't forget!  There are only a few days left to enter my contest :)


  1. ohhh! I love that golden shimmer! very pretty color!!

  2. This is an amazing color! Love it! XOXO

  3. Love that gold shimmer! Simply beautiful!

  4. It's $2 at target or eyeslipsface.com. sometimes you can find them at dollar stores as well.

  5. I can't find these around here but they are SO pretty!


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