Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro-Glamrock

Ladies, if you love glitter, than I have the polish for you.  It's Glamrock by Nina Ultra Pro.  When I first saw this polish in the bottle, I was skeptical because glitters typically are not very opaque.  This polish is the opposite!  Two coats was all I needed for complete opacity.  The rich black base helps with this without eating up all the pretty chunky silver glitter.  I can see this polish being a go-to for me when I'm in the mood for glitter :)

This polish dried with quite a gritty texture, so I topped it with a coat of Gelous before adding SV.  This made for a super shiny finish that I loved :)  Removal was a pain in my butt, but I was expecting that.  I used the foil method, and still had quite a bit of work to do...oh well!  I'll put up with the annoying removal if it means wearing pure bling on my nails.  Speaking of wear, it wore amazingly!!  These pics were taken after three days of wear.  During those three days I worked three full shifts using my hands a lot, and I only had one tiny chip on my right hand.  I was really impressed!

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