Monday, July 4, 2011

OPI, Cozu-Melted in the Sun (revisited)

I felt that I needed to re-do swatches of this color because my first post had awful quality pictures that were not completely color accurate.  As I said in my first post about it, I am totally in love with this color.  I think it is so feminine and classy!  The color is much more pink than it shows in those photos.  You also couldn't see the details of the texture or finish.  Well, here it is in better quality :)

At some angles, this polish looks more beige-y (top picture), but in others it's much more pink (like the bottom picture).  In some lights, it even looks peachy!  
The downside to this polish is that clean up is a pain in the butt.  It has very fine silver glitter all through it and no matter what you do clean up wise, it will not come off!  Removal is not as bad as a full on glitter, but is still a bit of a hassle.  I don't care much, though, because for me this polish = love!

Anyone else have this color?  If not, I highly recommend it :)


  1. This looks really great on you!

  2. wow thats a really pretty summer colour! it reminds me of plink lipstick by mac.


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