Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let the contest voting begin!!! (CLOSED)

Hello everyone!!  So my contest has closed and here are all of the entries!! Participants were asked to create a nail design based on one of the themes I listed.  These themes were music, animals, a cause that you believe in, or your heritage/orientation/something you're proud of.  I am now opening these entries up for public vote! You will find a form at the bottom of this post where you can select the mani that you think best deserves to win!  Please tell everyone!  I want to get as many votes as possible so that everyone has a fair shot :)

In no particular order:

Entry 1: inspired by music

Entry 2: inspired by animals

Entry 3: inspired by animals

Entry 4: inspired by animals

Entry 5: inspired by a song/music

Entry 6: inspired by animals

Entry 7: inspired by heritage/orientation/etc.
Please use the form below to vote!!  This part of the contest will be open until there are at least 30 votes, so that I can get a good estimate of a clear winner!!

*If you entered and do not see your photo here, it is because you were either not a public follower, did not fill out the entry form, or did not send me a picture.  If you entered and do not fit one of these categories and still do not see your photo, please contact me asap so we can work it out :)

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