Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sally Hansen-Forever Lilac

Forever Lilac is from the Diamond Strength line.  It is a sheer berry-lilac mix of a color with a ton of pretty shimmer.  Now, I did not expect this polish to be called Forever Lilac when I first saw the color.  In the bottle it is more of a raspberry color, definitely not lilac.  On the nail, however, it dries just a touch lighter.  Still not a true lilac, but definitely closer than the bottle color.  These photos are three coats topped with SV.

I really like this color. I'm not sure it's the best against my skin tone, but it's super shimmery and pretty.  Very feminine.  It has a somewhat metallic quality, which makes it a little more unusual than your typical purple mani. Even though this color is super shimmery, I still think it is office appropriate because of the soft, feminine color.

What do you think?

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  1. I like the polish! It has a tint of purple in it or I think it does. I think it is very office appropriate!! But heck, I'm not going to lie!! I wear any and every polish and/or design I do to the office!!. Haha!!!

  2. Yes very pretty and very office appropriate

  3. the color is so pretty! I think it goes well with your skin tone!

  4. Hey girly girl new blog follower I must say this color look lovely on ur nails I think it prefect 4 ur skin tone!


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