Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sally Hansen-Gray Area

Today it is gloomy and rainy where I live, so I thought I'd post this for you guys!  Gray Area is a GORGEOUS dark grayed out smokey purple creme.  The purple almost gets lost in the darkness, but it's still there, especially in sunlight.  I can't wait for fall to come so I can wear this one more regularly :)  Formula is great.  You could almost get away with one coat, but I needed the second just to even everything out.

Pretty, right?  I think so :)

Sorry about my cuticle injury :/ I've been washing my hands a lot more than usual in the last three weeks since I started working again.  Also, when I went to change my polish yesterday, I noticed that I had a big split right down the middle of my right middle finger!  I had to take my nails all the way down to the quick :(  You may think my nails look short in these photos, but you should see them now!  They literally look like nubs. Ugh.  The tips of my fingers are kind of sensitive as well because my nails aren't there to protect them.  They'll grow back, but I miss them :(

How's the weather where you are? Bright and sunny?

Thanks for reading <3


  1. This is really pretty! What line of Sally Hansen polishes is it from?

  2. I have this polish!!!! I use it for stamping sometimes.

  3. ah i totally mind blanked on writing what line it's from! it's from the xtreme wear line :)

  4. I love that polish! I only have light greys right now, but can't wait to add a nice dark one to my collection specifically for fall!

  5. This is a really pretty color!


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