Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hard Candy-Beetle

Beetle is one of those polishes that is a must have!!  I have been meaning to swatch/post this one for a while, but for some reason never got around to it.  This one is a beautiful purple/green duochrome with a glittery/almost foil finish.  Lovely.  The strange thing about this polish is that it is purple/green duochrome glitter suspended in a tealish/green sheer base.  Weird, but it works.  Pictures!:

Love this one.  Wear is good, I wore it for three days with some tipwear, but no chipping/peeling/flaking, etc. Definitely pick this one up next time you're at Walmart!

Thanks for peeping!


  1. I couldn't find this around here so one of my polish friends in NY bought it and is sending it to me. Looks sorta like one of the Zoya's to me. But it is pretty.

  2. This was my biggest lemming for AGES (since I live in BFE and no walmart near me sells HC) but I FINALLY got it and it is my new love!

  3. Oh, I have this one! I haven't used it yet though!

  4. It looks like Orly's Space Cadet!


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