Friday, June 24, 2011

my first tape mani!

I have been seeing so many beautiful tape manicures on various blogs and since I had never tried one, I figured it was time!  It didn't turn out as awesome as I wanted it to, but it was my first try :)
Sorry my picture is so wonky, but I didn't really like how it came out and was in a hurry to take pictures before I took it off.  Anyway, I layered Wet n' Wild's Silvivor (insta-dry formula) over my previous manicure of Blue Moon.  I like how my ring finger came out, but I severely crapped up my middle finger.  Now I know better, I guess.
Basically, I just cut a bunch of really thin pieces of tape and laid them across my nails where I didn't want the silver color to be.
this is what I wish it turned out like...from
I'll try this again someday.  For my first try, it didn't turn out horribly, but it was far from awesome!


  1. oh wow this looks great!!! i will sure try this!

  2. This isn't a bad job for your first time. Very cool.


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