Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sinful Colors-Courtney Orange

The reason why I got this color is obvious...the name!  How could I pass up a color named Courtney Orange?? Yeah, it's spelled differently than my name, but it's basically still the same, right??  Anyway, CO is a bright orange shimmer.  Application was pretty good.  A little sheer, so three coats were needed to achieve full opacity.  These photos are without topcoat.

I'm typically not a huge fan of orange polish, but I can tolerate this one because of how bright and fun it is.  It also has shimmer, so that's a plus.  I would definitely recommend this polish if you are an orange lover!

Let me know what you think!


  1. I love that color! I've been into brights lately, and your swatches are making me want this! I'm gonna have to pick this up :D Thanks for the swatch! :D

  2. When I looked at this post I said "that's so pretty, i'm adding this to my wishlist". And then I glanced up at my polish rack and saw I had an orange by Sinful Colors. So I walked over and looked at the name-COURTNEY ORANGE! I don't think i've ever worn it yet, clearly why I was unaware that I owned it and wanted to add it to my wishlist. I will be wearing this soon!


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