Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sinful Colors-Gogo Girl

Gogo Girl is a delicious red jelly...mmm.  Application on this one is good IF you apply it patiently...story time!  I had applied this as a full mani while distracted and watching TV, so I left much more time between coats than I usually do.  Anyway, I messed up a couple of nails during cleanup and had to re-do them.  On those nails, I polished like I usually do, not waiting very long between coats/topcoat.  Those nails ended up drying really wrinkly!  I have never experienced anything like it with any other polish.  It looked like it had pulled up on itself really badly.  I remedied it by waiting for it to dry completely, then adding another thick layer of topcoat to smooth everything out.  So...moral of the story = wait for each coat to dry completely before painting the next one.  Pictures!

Mmmm.  Just take a look at how shiny and squishy that color is!  These pictures are two coats, topped with SV.  Two coats allows this polish to be almost opaque.  In extremely bright light, I have a bit of VNL, but I kind of like it, especially with this color.
Overall verdict:  Definitely a must have!  What's hotter than a red jelly? Nothing!  This is my first full-on jelly, and I am really happy with it :)


  1. such a pretty color!

  2. This is making me want to bust out a red!

  3. isn't it lovely? it makes me wanna put on a lbd and stilettos :)

  4. It's the perfect shade of red. :)


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