Sunday, May 8, 2011

Revlon-Cotton Candy

Today's nail of the day is Revlon's scented nail polish in Cotton Candy.  I couldn't resist getting this little baby when I saw how beautiful it was in combination with the fact that it was scented!  I was skeptical about how long the scent would last, but even after applying top coat and waiting for a few days, the smell was still pretty strong!  This color is literally cotton candy pink with golden shimmers.  So beautiful!
Above:  you can really see the depth of the color here
Below: beautiful sheen, but you can see the "bald" spots

How pretty is that?  The formula was mediocre and suffered from light polish syndrome (streaks and unevenness), but after 3 coats it managed to become pretty even.  I added a konad stamp to try to distract from the streakiness.  Overall, I love the color, not impressed by the formula.  I'll probably wear this again, though, because it smells divine!!

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